We love the VacOne for a few reasons. One of the best things about it is that it's relatively hands off - no need to stand and pour a kettle for a long time, and no goose-neck kettle required. After steeping, simply click a button to filter the coffee and walk away.


Plus, because it pulls a vacuum, we can grind the coffee quite fine and still filter the brew. This makes it possible to brew a hot concentrate that can be flash chilled for iced coffee. This method produces a cup with a flavor profile more like hot coffee than cold brew. It also yields a more developed extraction and higher strength brew than pour over flash chill methods.


If you're brewing a hot single strength brew, we recommend a 1:17 brew ratio or 23.5g to 400g for a 12 fl oz brew. Use the same fine grind size as you would for a pour over. Evenly distribute the grounds throughout the brewer, and use boiling water.


The slurry temperature will taper over the duration of the brew but won't end up too low. After adding water, gently stir the coffee down to the bottom of the filter using the included paddle to ensure there are no dry pockets. Steep for 3-5 minutes and adjust to your liking.