Fresh coffee bean crop
Fresh coffee bean crop

Our Approach

Great coffee is not the result of chance. Extraordinary coffee is created by design at the hands of dedicated professionals around the world. Our coffee professionals collaborate in a shared, uncompromising environment, and have a commitment to quality.

Our Mission

The Intelligentsia purpose, philosophy, and values that leads us down the road of extraordinary.

How Extraordinary
Coffee Is Made

Tracing our coffee’s remarkable journey, from plant genetics and farming, to harvest and the many forms of processing.

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Intelligentsia Direct Trade

Over 20 years ago, we realized the coffee trade wasn't giving us access to the world's best coffees. So we began traveling the world to find them and the people who grow them — people who share our obsession with quality.


Rwanda, 2003


Guatemala, 2003


Honduras, 2003


El Salvador, 2003


Guatemala, 2009


Ethiopia, 2012


Bolivia, 2012


Rwanda, 2015

People we work with

Traveling tirelessly to the communities where our coffees are grown and building direct and lasting relationships with the people who grow them is still the best way we know to source the best coffees.

Coffee By Design

After it arrives from the farm, green coffee is transformed into something beautiful through a meticulous process of roasting, cupping, blending, brewing in our Coffeebars.

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in season

Coffee cherries—the origin of the seed that is roasted coffee you buy in a bag or drink as an espresso shot—is an agricultural product subject to the same laws of seasonality as fruit at the farmers market.


Intelligentsia buys coffee from over a dozen countries around the world. Each farm has a unique story to tell.

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