The WDT produced by Sworksdesigns is considered to be the best in class. Inside is a Delrin insert which allows you to install up to 17 needles (we recommend using up to 9 at a time.) Magnets are installed at the end of the tool to allow for easy storage on objects that are ferromagnetic. With this insert, you will also be able to mix and match different diameter needles, included in your purchase is a set of 0.3mm and 0.35 mm needles. The needles from Sworksdesigns are custom made with a rounded end.

Weiss Distribution Technique

The Weiss Distribution Technique, the most effective method for evenly distributing grounds in the portafilter, originates from John Weiss back in 2005. The purpose of the needles is to break up clumps produced by the grinder and fluff up more dense pockets within the ground dose of coffee. The WDT creates a relatively even density throughout the dose.

Spirographic method

We suggest using the 4z Spirographic method. “z” here refers to the z-axis and indicates 4 different heights. Start with the WDT gently against the bottom of the basket. Make a small circular pattern with the WDT working your way around the perimeter of the basket. This is the spirographic pattern. Go around the basket a total of 3-4 times, at the bottom, 1-2 times in the middle and finally across the top. Gently pick up and vertically tap the basket to settle the grounds. Inspect them to see if the surface is level. If not, rake the surface and tap until it is level. Finally tamp. This whole process only takes 10-20s.

The details

  • Material Machined from aluminum and anodized
  • Needle instal Up to 17 but 9 is recommended
  • Needle diameter 0.3mm and 0.35mm
  • Custom needle feature Rounded end
  • Other WDT method to explore Deep WWDT (DWWDT)
Sworksdesigns WDT Tool
Sworksdesigns WDT Tool