This seasonal blend of smallholder coffees is named for an animal that loves sweetness almost as much as we do. It comes from small farms in two countries known for their coffee: Ethiopia, the country where it first appeared, and Colombia, that country that produces more specialty coffee than any other.

  • Type Espresso - Blend
  • Country Colombia, Ethiopia
  • Flavor Profile Caramel + Stone Fruit
  • Variety Castillo, mixed indigenous

The details

  • Country Colombia
  • Producer Familia Camaya Campo
  • Region Totoró
  • Elevation Range 1700-1800 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing Method Washed
  • Drying Method raised bed shade-dried
  • Harvest June-July 2021
  • Direct Trade Partner Since 2013
  • Country Colombia
  • Elevation Range 1550-1900 m
  • Processing Method Washed
  • Harvest May-July 2020

How To Brew

We recommend your finished espresso should weigh 2.5 times as much as your coffee dose, which provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes flavor pulled out of the ground coffee. For espresso we recommend a fine grind, setting 1 if you are ordering from

Recommended Method Espresso Machine

  1. 01.
    Weigh Coffee 18g of coffee yields 45g
  2. 02.
    Grind Coffee
  3. 03.
    Make an even bed of coffee in the portafilter and pull the shot
  4. 04.
Espresso in cup
    • Image of two growers hugging in field
      Image of two growers hugging in field
    • Image of the sky and mountains landscape
      Image of the sky and mountains landscape
    • Image of growers sorting coffee beans
      Image of growers sorting coffee beans

    Why We're Different

    • Intelligentsia coffee buyers travel year-round working with a network of farmers. From the farm, coffee arrives at the roasting works in Chicago and Los Angeles, where coffee professionals cup, grade, and release over 50 single-origins and blends annually.

    • Intelligentsia Direct Trade means partnering with people who obsess about quality as much as we do, and building meaningful relationships with farmers. Today, the Intelligentsia Direct Trade community includes more than 50 partners in 14 countries.

    • A quarter-century of obsession with quality, more than 15 years of sourcing great coffee the right way, and an authoritative point of view on how to elevate coffee make Intelligentsia a trusted partner on your coffee journey.