The Orphan Pico Pitcher is the epitome of simple yet efficient. Whether you are backpacking through the rockies or camping in a state park the perfect cup is moments away. Both components, the pitcher and lid are made of food safe silicon. The pitcher features excess padding towards the bottom to prevent burning when in use. One of the most impressive innovative features is the stainless steel flow control gate and tapered spout. The gate has three options for different flow rates via the 3mm, 4mm or 5mm holes. This blocks flow and provides a very consistent flow rate which then shoots down the tapered spout on its way to the dripper. We recommend preheating the pitcher, especially if you’re at elevation to keep your brewing water nice and hot. The functional capacity of the pitcher is ~360ml which is enough to yield a 10 fl oz brew.

The details

  • Varying flow rate 3mm
  • 4mm or 5mm 4mm or 5mm
  • Capacity 360ml which yields a 10 fl oz brew
  • Material Food safe silicon
  • We recommend Preheating the pitcher
Orphan Pico Gray Pitcher
Orphan Pico Gray Pitcher