High quality build, clean aesthetics, good coffee, at an incredible value: you could say the K6 grinder does it all. The catch cup has metal threads and screws attached to prevent this portion from detaching when in use. The beech handle features a comfortable ergonomic conical design, this allows for a smooth grinding motion and helps prevent stalling. The dual bearing system along the axle ensures the grinder is well aligned out of the box.

Grind Settings

There are 60 clicks to a revolution and each click is 16 microns of vertical burr movement. Espresso grinding can be a little bit tough as the burr is relatively fast feeding but it still takes less than a minute with a setting around 38 clicks. This is highly dependent on the coffee and espresso profile being used. For pour over starting around 80 clicks is a great spot and again depends a lot on the coffee and the recipe used.

The details

  • Highlighted Feature External grind adjustment
  • Dose size 35g
  • Weight over 1.4 lbs
  • Material Aluminum