The Kingrinder’s K0 features a thick aluminum body that has a whole grinder and very solid feeling at just over 1.25 lbs. The diameter of the body is large enough to fit a 25g dose but still strategically designed to fit your hand. The rubber sleeve serves as a grip feature that ensures the user is able to get a tight grip during grinding. We like that the lid and the handle can be attached to each other or kept separate depending on your workflow. The catch cup has metal threads and screws attached to eliminate the worry of the cup becoming loose during grinding. The handle is nicely articulated and the grip on the body is long enough that you can get a smooth grinding motion to help prevent stalling. The dual bearing system along the axel ensures the grinder is well aligned out of the box and stays that way. There are 40 clicks to a revolution and each click is 18 microns of vertical burr movement. While this grinder is only marketed for filter it is totally capable of preparing espresso. An espresso grind will be somewhere around 36 clicks from burr lock. This is highly dependent on the coffee and espresso profile being used. For pour over starting around 65 clicks is a great spot and again depends a lot on the coffee and the recipe used.

The details

  • Highlighted Feature Can make espresso
  • Highlighted Feature Fits 25g dose
  • Material Aluminum body
  • We recommend 65 clicks for a pour over
KINGrinder K0 Grinder
KINGrinder K0 Grinder