The Flair 58+ is a versatile, manual espresso machine that's both simple and effective. It is designed to pull both traditional and modern style espressos, giving you a tactile experience by letting you feel the extraction process. A unique feature is its electronically heated open reservoir, which can hold 90-100 ml of liquid and allows for varying water profiles. The machine uses a professional-grade 58mm portafilter and is designed with stylish toasted walnut accents.

The details

  • Versatile Espresso Styles Provides the flexibility to make both traditional and modern style espressos
  • Manual Lever Hands-on approach and ensures optimal temperature control
  • Heated Reservoir The open reservoir is electronically heated and can hold 90-100 ml of liquid. This is ideal for trying different water profiles.
  • Professional-grade 58mm Portafilter The use of a 58mm portafilter allows for the addition of extra accessories. The new shot mirror is great for managing shot profiles with preinfusion or a soaking phase
  • Superior Design with Portability The Flair 58+ is not only aesthetically pleasing with toasted walnut accents but also designed for portability with a removable cord. High and low-flow baskets add to its functionality.
Img of the Flair 58 Plus
Flair 58 Plus