One standout feature that sets the Gen 2 apart from the rest is the burr set. The Gen 2 burr is considered one of the most user friendly and high quality burrs on the market. This grinder does take the standard 64mm burrs - this feature allows you to swap in other variations from SSP in addition to other manufacturers. There is a balance of sweetness, acidity, clarity, and body that is highlighted when using the Ode Gen 2 Grinder.

Please be aware

It should be said that the grinder is specifically designed for filtering and adjusting the internals of the grinder for finer espresso grinding. Using those fine settings will damage the motor over time. Please only use this for filter coffee.

The details

  • Grinding Dial Stepped to make your grind adjustments easily repeatable in 25 micron increments
  • Incorporated ionizer Helps to minimize the mess brought on by static electricity
  • Catch Cup Increased in size and features a self centering magnet in the base
  • Hopper Features a larger body which increases the allotment per brew session
  • Automated Perception Automatic shut off when grinding is complete
Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder
Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder