As a teenager, Yolanda María Gómez ventured away from the coffeelands, moving to the city where she settled into her new life, building a career and starting a family. It was only after her daughter, Julieth, graduated from high school and began working as a coffee cupper that Yolanda felt the pull back to her coffee roots. Inspired by her daughter's passion and knowledge of specialty coffee, Yolanda returned to El Arenal in San Pedro de Cartago, Nariño, to farm on Las Cruces, a one-hectare plot of land she inherited from her mother. With the combined knowledge of three generations of women in coffee, Yolanda began renovating Las Cruces, planting coffee varieties known for their high cup quality that would benefit from the farm's high elevation.

This lot is a selection from Caturra Chiroso plants that Yolanda planted on Las Cruces just four years ago, making this one of the first harvests these plants will produce. Though the exact origins and genetic makeup of Caturra Chiroso remain undefined, the variety is named for its resemblance to short, compact Caturra plants — yet its cup profile evokes notes more often found in heirloom Ethiopian varieties.

  • Country Colombia
  • Flavor Profile Caramel + Stone Fruit
  • Variety Caturra Chirozo

The details

  • Country Colombia
  • Producer Yolanda María Gómez
  • Region San Pedro de Cartago, Nariño
  • Elevation Range 2150 masl
  • Processing Method Washed
  • Drying Method Raised Bed
  • Harvest November - December 2023
  • Direct Trade Partner Since 2015

How To Brew

We recommend starting with a 1:18 coffee-to-water ratio, which provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes flavor pulled out of the ground coffee. For our single origin coffees we recommend a pour over method either on a Chemex, V60 or Kalita Wave on a 5 or 6 grind setting if you are ordering from

Recommended Method Pour Over

  1. 01.
    Boil Water 205 - 212 F
  2. 02.
    Weigh Coffee 1g of coffee per 18g of water
  3. 03.
    Drop In Filter Add filter to equipment
  4. 04.
    Grind Coffee Grind coffee and add to filter
  5. 05.
    Add Water Add water in stages
  6. 06.
    Remove Filter Enjoy your coffee!
Image of pour over demonstration
    • Image of two growers hugging in field
      Image of two growers hugging in field
    • Image of the sky and mountains landscape
      Image of the sky and mountains landscape
    • Image of growers sorting coffee beans
      Image of growers sorting coffee beans

    Why We're Different

    • Intelligentsia coffee buyers travel year-round working with a network of farmers. From the farm, coffee arrives at the roasting works in Chicago, where coffee professionals cup, grade, and release over 50 single-origins and blends annually.

    • Intelligentsia Direct Trade means partnering with people who obsess about quality as much as we do, and building meaningful relationships with farmers. Today, the Intelligentsia Direct Trade community includes more than 50 partners in 14 countries.

    • A quarter-century of obsession with quality, more than 15 years of sourcing great coffee the right way, and an authoritative point of view on how to elevate coffee make Intelligentsia a trusted partner on your coffee journey.

12oz of Colombia Las Cruces Caturra Chiroso
Colombia Las Cruces Caturra Chiroso