The arrival of the AeroPress XL has been long-awaited. Needing no introduction, the AeroPress is a unique brewer with an immersion and percolation step. It’s compact, likely the most versatile brewer of all time. 

Recommended Steps for Use: 

  • Add 23g of coffee Grind on the finer end of a pour over grind 
  • Add 70g of water and thoroughly stir to make sure it’s completely saturated 
  • Add more water for a total of 395g 
  • Shallowly insert the plunger in the top 
  • Steep for a total of 2 minutes 
  • Finally, start pressing slowly for 45-60 seconds

The details

  • Recommended dose 12 fl oz
  • Highlighted Feature Most hand grinders can be tucked away inside the plunger
  • Max Quantity Maximum brew size is about 600 ml for the AeroPress XL