Two New Ready-to-Drink Offerings

By Jonathan Gogel   | February 2, 2024

Featuring Legendary Black Cat Espresso

Intelligentsia Coffee, the leading pioneer of specialty coffee for 28 years, announces the debut of ready-to-drink options with a focus on premium espresso. The new creamy, plant-based oat milk lattes are available in three flavors and feature the legendary Black Cat espresso. In addition to lattes, Intelligentsia has released a new Cold Coffee can with 8 ounces of premium black Intelligentsia coffee, brewed hot and flash chilled to capture the coffee's natural sweetness and complexity. This is the lineup coffee enthusiasts have been waiting for, now available to ship nationwide.

These new coffees bring the best of Intelligentsia to convenient on-the-go options, designed for enthusiasts who enjoy convenience but also value what espresso goes into them. The oat milk espresso lattes and cold coffee cans stand as another example of the company’s instinct elevate the category and bring specialty coffee flavor into focus.

For those who enjoy the convenience of bottled lattes and value high quality espresso, Intelligentsia’s three new oat milk lattes are a radiant innovation. Each feature their legendary Black Cat espresso, which has been setting the standard since 1995 and is widely known in the specialty coffee industry as a pioneer of espresso. The Direct Trade coffee is sourced within Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso Project, ensuring the consistency and quality that have made Intelligentsia well-known.

The oat milk is specific and custom to these lattes, developed to optimize flavor balance. Three plant-based milk varieties include Oat Latte, Vanilla Oat Latte, and Spiced Oat Latte. Oat, the new classic, boasts the perfect blend of Black Cat espresso and oat milk, allowing the coffee's true flavors to shine. Soothing hints of vanilla and plant-based oat milk connect with Black Cat espresso for a rich and creamy Vanilla Oat Latte. Spiced is not your typical "spiced" here—it's based on a very popular year-round drink available in Intelligentsia Coffeebars called the Avena Latte and includes comforting flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and ginger. All flavors are available in a single flavor or variety 3-pack ($14) or a 12 count case ($48).


Intelligentsia’s canned Cold Coffee 8oz (4-pack, $16) is premium black coffee brewed hot and flash chilled to preserve complexity and sweetness. Superior to cold brew and leagues ahead of iced coffee, this “crushable” version is a premium specialty approach to cold coffee. Notes of chocolate, caramel, and rounded fruit come together in a size that fits conveniently and comfortably in the hand and delivers extraordinary flavor in a small package.


These new ready-to-drink offerings are available now on Intelligentsia’s website. For more information, to stay engaged on news and updates via Instagram @intelligentsiacoffee.