Our First International Coffeebar Located in Seoul, South Korea

February 21, 2024

We are set to open our first international coffeebar in Seoul, South Korea on February 23rd at 10am. The coffeebar will be located in the historic neighborhood of Seochon.

The new coffeebar is located in a traditional and historic building that was meticulously restored and renovated. Careful attention was paid to highlighting the natural elements of the building while modernizing the interior to accommodate a bustling coffeebar crowd. A large glass roof hovers over the bar to highlight the coffee and the craft of the baristas, while natural wood and stone elements bring nature into the space.

We operate 12 coffeebars in the U.S. in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Austin with Seoul marking our first location abroad. Each coffeebar is designed to be unique – no two are the same in design. Instead, each coffeebar is designed to reflect and celebrate the neighborhoods they serve.

We have been growing in popularity in South Korea over the last decade with our bagged coffee and bottled beverages appearing in high end cafés, tech offices, and most recently on the Kurly Marketplace. We have also been a regular participant in the annual Korean specialty coffee show.

Over this time, we have has formed strong partnerships in Seoul, including a 10-year relationship with leading Korean specialty coffee distributor, MH Partners. We are proud to have a growing fanbase of Korean customers who value our commitment to transparent sourcing practices, a relentless commitment to quality, and legacy in the specialty coffee industry.

Intelligentsia Korea will feature the brand’s legendary Black Cat Espresso as the basis for espresso drinks and will offer an innovative Brew To Order coffee service with manual-lever espresso and AeroPress. Much like an expansive wine bar, customers can pick any coffee on the menu and enjoy it as a freshly brewed coffee made just for them.

The opening of Intelligentsia Korea will take place at 10am on February 23rd. The coffeebar is located at 34, Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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