New single origin


By Intelligentsia Sourcing | January 12, 2024

The Variety


This coffee is from Ethiopia's Guji Zone, grown in Buku and processed in nearby Hambela. We have narrowed our focus in Guji over the past few seasons to identify a village that can be a reliable source for single-origin coffees and eventually single-farm lots from individual growers — a true rarity in Ethiopia. 

The Variety

The Farmers Behind the Crop

This coffee represents the collaborative effort of three artists, starting with the smallholder farmers in Buku who grew it, harnessing the flavor of Ethiopia's terroir and its unique coffee varieties.  It was processed by METAD, a local coffee operation owned by the Adinew family that processes, and exports coffee with a relentless focus on quality.  And, it was roasted by the Intelli team with the clear intention of leveraging all the careful work of the other two artists to produce something extraordinary.


Indigenous Ethiopian varieties. This lot consists of varieties indigenous to Ethiopia grown in their native terroir to produce flavors that can't quite be replicated anywhere else.

Look For

Notes of White Peach, Raspberry, and Navel Orange.

The washed Buku is a bounty of stone fruit and soft citrus, which is a perfect example of terroir for this coffee. 

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