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By Intelligentsia Sourcing | December 15, 2024

There is Something You Should Know About Burundi

There may be no other country with a greater disparity between what its coffee means to the world and what its coffee means for the country. Burundi is responsible for barely one-tenth of one percent of the world's coffee exports — we can live without Burundian coffee. But those coffee exports are responsible for more than half the country's employment and 70 percent of its total export earnings — Burundi cannot live without coffee.

Burundi's Washing Stations

There is something else you should know about Burundi — it may take better advantage of the washing station model than any other country in the world. The washing station was designed for efficiency. It is an aggregation point where cherry from large numbers of farmers growing coffee on a very small scale can be collected and prepared for the market, allowing those farmers to participate in markets in a way that is relatively efficient and would be hard to imagine in their absence.

Beginning about 20 years ago in neighboring Rwanda, there was an awakening in the region to the idea that washing stations could do more than just aggregate supply — they could be critical control points for quality, where cherry is inspected, selected, and processed with a focus on quality in ways it hadn't been before. That was the unlock that converted Rwanda's coffee sector from commercial to specialty in record time, and washing stations in Burundi may be doing it even better, consistently maximizing the quality potential of the country's terroir and Bourbon stock through meticulous and pristine processing.

Greenco in Yandaro

Within Burundi, we haven't found anyone in recent years doing better year over year than Greenco at its washing station in Yandaro.  It hasn't just sent us consistently great coffees, it has invested in the community in exceptional ways, partnering with USAID to create the Kahawatu Foundation and channel resources to thousands of coffee-growing families in the area.

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